• 10 Ft Top Pocket Cast Net (1" mono mesh) *CHAIN BOTTOM* Elite Series!


Cast Net HQ proudly presents our newest ELITE series cast net

ELITE advantages:
1.      True six-panel design for larger spread:

We GUARANTEE that our ELITE series cast nets have the largest spread in Australia

(Compared with same size and style nets offered by competitors. A few custom net makers can offer similar quality, but the price will be $300 - $400 per net)

2.      Highest quality (and strongest!) monofilament mesh on the market
3.      Chain bottom

Better spread due to uniform weight distribution - easier to cast

Moreover, the continuous weight line has a better seal on the bottom and allows the net to sink evenly

Hot dip galvanised chain for better rust resistance

4.      1.1 LB/FT weight load – fastest sinking – your catch will have no time to escape!
5.      Deeper pocket – hard to miss
On top of that:

Reinforced mesh along the bottom for extra strength and durability.

Advanced assembly technique and high level of quality control leave little room for defects

With a 9m premium quality handline, you’ll be able to cast in deeper waters or from a jetty


Drop: 10 FT (12 FT net on the picture)
Mesh size: 1 inch

With 1.1 lb/ft weight load this cast net is the FASTEST SINKING TOP POCKET CAST NET IN AUSTRALIA. Compare this with other products on the market! Our top pocket nets were designed for faster sinking and they will catch more prawns. And you can effectively use them in deeper areas! Your catch will have no time to escape. 

Cast Net HQ proudly presents Top Pocket Cast Net by WINGED FISH®.

Our aim is to bring the highest quality cast nets to Australian market. Designed for fishermen by fishermen. Here we sell directly to customers, eliminating all middlemen. That’s how we can guarantee best quality for the price. 


Q: What are the advantages of a top pocket net?

A: This net is primarily designed to catch prawns. It is very easy to use and can be operated very quickly.

Q: I’ve been told that to get a high quality cast net I need to have it custom made, or maybe even order it from the USA... Is that true?

A: Not anymore! Cast Net HQ was specifically created to solve that problem.

Q: Does this net sink fast?

The sinking speed mostly depends on the weight of the net. Out of two nets with similar size the heavier net will sink faster. Our top pocket nets are loaded with 1.1 lb/ft hot dip galvanised steel CHAIN (Compare this with other products on the market!). Moreover, monofilament nets sink slightly faster than nylon ones. With 1.1 lb/ft weights and highest quality mono mesh, our top pocket nets were designed for super fast sinking and they will catch you more prawns. 

Q: What radius should I get?

A: It depends on your needs and casting abilities. The main idea is that a bigger net covers larger area and catches more bait/prawns/fish. If we assume that nets open fully or “pancake” and take the area covered by a 10 ft radius net as 100%, then a 6 ft net would cover 36%, 8 ft – 64%, 9 ft – 81%, and 12 ft – 144%. We usually recommend a 9 FT top pocket nets for beginners, 10 ft nets for average fishermen, and 12 ft for experienced casters.

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10 Ft Top Pocket Cast Net (1" mono mesh) *CHAIN BOTTOM* Elite Series!

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