About Us

Cast Net HQ

Our aim is to bring the highest quality cast nets (also known as casting nets, throw nets, or throwing nets) to Australian market. Designed for fishermen by fishermen. Here we sell directly to customers, eliminating all middlemen.That’s how we can guarantee best quality for the price. Our factory has been making cast nets for over 20 years. It also supplies cast nets for top American brands. We are based in Brisbane.

Cast Net HQ is the exclusive distributor of Winged Fish® brand. We are actively looking for dealers/retailers. Please send all wholesale inquires to wholesale@castnethq.com.au .

Winged Fish - Fishing Perfection

Winged Fish® brand represents our sincere belief that Australian fishermen deserve top quality products.
When you buy a Winged Fish® cast net, you can be sure that the quality will be on par with best American brands.